Shiawassee Arts Center Owosso Michigan
Fall Fundraiser

Guess what is migrating to Shiawassee County! A Flock of Pink Flamingos! The Shiawassee Humane Society and the Shiawassee Arts Center are partnering on this fun fall fundraiser. If you would like to wake up to a flock of flamingos in your yard or would like to have the birds migrate to a friend or relative's yard please call SAC at 989.723.8354. You may chose the number of flamingos you would like from 12 to 96 birds that will roost for one day then will be removed by expertly trained volunteers for a small donation. Even if you are not a fan of flamingos there is insurance that you will not be flocked. Both the Humane Society and the Arts Center are non-profit organizations and donations are fully tax deductible. For more information call SAC or visit This fundraiser begins October 1st and ends when the flock of flamingos flies south for the winter.

More information and order form. Click to view, right click to download.