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Reproductions of some paintings are available for sale and are indicated by a price.

Afternoon Tea on the Terrace

Afternoon Tea on the Terrace


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At the Bal-Bullier

pastel and watercolor; 13 x 18 inches
signed and inscribed: FC Frieseke, Bal-Bullier, Paris

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Baby in Pram

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Basket of Flowers

National Gallery of Art
Washington, DC $20

This oil painting shows daughter Frances in typical Breton clothing, knitting. She has a red dress, and is in a chair. The window below is blue, but we cannot see through it. It is used with kind permission of Miriam Kilmer.

(Breton Costume)

This is a picture of daughter Frances, at about 14, knitting and wearing a Breton costume. It is used by permission of Miriam Kilmer, granddaughter of the painter. You may visit Kilmer's web site here.

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Before the Appearance

oil on canvas, 51 x 51 inches
signed and dated lower left: FC Frieseke, 1913

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The Bird Cage

New Britain Museum of American Art, Connecticut

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Blue Curtains